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Competition/Non-competition CONGU Handicaps

If you have an Non-competition CONGU handicap you may be ineligible to enter certain competitions. Please check the handicap list to see whether you have an Non-competition handicap. A Competition handicap will be shown as e.g. 18c. However, you can easily obtain a Competition handicap by:-

  • entering three Qualifying Competitions or,
  • submitting three Supplementary Scores or,
  • any combination of the above two options.

Supplementary Scores

Any player may return Supplementary Scores for handicap and qualifying rounds purposes, at any club of which they are a member. To submit a Supplementary Score Card:-

  • Category 2-6 players may play 9 holes as Stableford or 18 holes, either Strokeplay or Stableford, under ‘competition play conditions’ (i.e. a qualifying course).  Category 1 players must play over 18 holes.
  • Sign up for a Supplementary Score Card, before you go out to play, using the book provided in the Pro Shop (for both Men and Ladies).
  • After your round the Supplementary Score Card must be signed by yourself and your marker and the Score card put into the competitions box.
  • If you sign up to do a Supplementary Score Card but fail to return your score card then your handicap will go up by 0.1, please try to remember to submit your scorecard.
  • Other than for Category 1 players (see below), there is no longer a maximum number of Supplementary Scores which may be returned in the period between Annual Reviews (i.e. between the 1st January and the 31st December).
  • If a Category 1 player has not returned 3 qualifying scores by the end of September, then he or she may submit only as many Supplementary Score Cards as necessary to retain a Competition Handicap.
  • A player in Category 1 may also submit Supplementary Score Cards to reactivate a Competition Handicap at any time of the year.

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